Day 29: Gothenburg -> Landvetter

It was the 30th, my flight was at 8am on the 31st. I wouldn’t be able to sleep near the airport and pack my bike in the morning. So today I would cycle to the airport and wait for my flight the next day.

I headed East through the park, and spent an hour or so cycling through it. I headed South to the 27 route that passes the airport. It was a nice ride, but only starting out 25km from the airport, it didn’t take long.

I arrived at around 1pm and used the check-in kiosk. My flight wasn’t for another 19 hours. To start off I wandered around to the back of the airport and found a nice spot with a chair and read for a few hours. Beyond that I had changed into regular clothes and wandered about the airport with a loaded bike. Nothing like going to a restaurant inside a building and locking your bike up inside it :) or sitting at a free charging desk with a bike propped up next to me.

Time passed quickly enough, soon it was 10pm and I decided it was time to pack up my bike and bags. Didn’t take too long and at 11pm I attempted to sleep on a bench. Around 3am I woke up as the airport was starting to get busy. This is where things started to get difficult as fatigue hit me.

Got my bags checked in at 4am, caught the flight at 8am and pretty soon I was home.


Been home a few days at this point, this is the last update on the actual trip. Expect some updates with photos next, hell, maybe even some thoughts on the trip.

Day 28: Stenungsund -> Gothenburg

Easy night,

My powerbrick was missing from the socket in the morning. To charge up, I had been finding spots to leave a battery pack charging overnight. So far it worked well, but I figured it could be missing one day. Today was that day. On the plus side, I had two and would use the smaller, crappy one for this risky charging. Only 6k miliamps, makes noise when in use and has a huge annoying LED when in use. Not too sad it is gone, glad it made it this far. My universal adaptor and usb cable are still there. So I can still use plugs.

I picked up the 160 route and headed south. (which is good because that was the direction of the airport and the way to reach it) Some nice segregated  bike lanes to boot. I passed through a few towns on the way and just outside of Jorlanda I went left and inland. Some big climbs but nice countryside. I eventually reached Diseröd and the river Göta álv which runs right into Gothenburg. I followed it South on a minor road that is also a bike route.

I passed quite a few cyclists on this route heading North. Took a while but I eventually reached the center of the city by early evening. I kind of regretted it, it was quite tricky to navigate around and took a while. I used my GPS and headed East out into a large park area of the city. I had it marked as a location where they would be camping and this was correct.

the city had a decent bike network. Proper segregation from regular traffic, light for cyclists and proper routes that were connected and made sense. Also sign points at junctions for cyclists. Dublin could learn a lot.

Day 27: Nösund -> Stenungsund

With three days until my flight and 130km to go, it was time to cover some miles.
The morning was clear and a few good days were expected.

I said goodbye to my travel companions. They were going to stay away from Gothenburg for another few days. It was a nice change of pace.

I followed the coast of Orust towards Stenungsund. Mostly farmland, nice quiet roads. Didn’t take too long to reach the city. I managed to avoid going right into it and found the south road. A little bit south I found a campsite.

It was a few days since I had a proper shower and this one didn’t have a time limit.

Day 26: Lavö -> Nösund

No lightning :(

My tent was hammered with strong winds and rain but held up OK. The tent pole facing the wind came out during the night. I tied that side of the tent to my bike and went back to sleep. Worked out fine.
I had my bike on that side as I expected it to happen. I was able to tie it without getting out of my sleeping bag :)

I also noticed another damaged tent pole, This time in the middle. Didn’t become an issue until that evening. I started taping a tent stake to it to hold it. Worked as a temporary fix.

I left my phone off for a few days, since I was wild camping and not charging it. I turned it on today and noticed it wasn’t fully working. The ‘menu’ buttons on the bottom do not work. I can’t swap application or go back easily.
The touchscreen works though.
So I use the drop down menus to navigate. I can go settings > app to swap applications. Painful but a usable workaround.
I think it might be water damage from that really really wet day.

The morning was wet, so we stayed where we were. Around 2-3 it cleared up and we decided to move on. Actually leaving at 4pm we pushed on for a half hour to Nösund. Here we found a roadside spot that would do as a campsite.

From a WiFi check the next few days were clear. Time to make them count.

Day 25: Fossen -> Lavö

The morning was pretty clear, I was hopeful for the weather coming.
Good to pack up a dry tent.

We headed south on the main road, after half an hour it got wet. Not quite as bad as the day before, but still enough to be unpleasant.

We took two minor chain ferry’s and passed through Ellös and got lunch.
Had a whole cooked chicken to myself, it was great. We tries to check out a local library but it was closed. So we pushed on to Sockem.
We searched for a campsite and did some hiking. Some nice views but no suitable wildcamp spots.

Heading back to the main road from Sockem we noticed a turn with a good cycle track. Figuring it must lead to something interesting we followed it.
This took us to a transport hub for the island of Lavö. The building had WiFi and the surrounding area had some possible camping spots.

We setup the tents right at the coast and made Dinner in an old BBQ grill.
A passerby warned us that strong winds were expected that night and that our exposed location would really feel it.

An expected gale at 3am with lightning.

Day 24: Fjällbacka -> Fossen

Light rain on my tent this morning. Was half tempted to wait out the rain for a day.
I pushed that idea aside, there would be 2-3 bad days. I just had to go through them. The campsite also sucked, I didn’t want to idle in it.

I put on my waterproofs and headed out the 163 South. In 15 minutes I was soaked. This weather was not kidding around.
My phone became unusable, meaning the original route wouldn’t be possible.
Instead of the back roads I would need to stick to main roads.

Not ideal when cycling in wet conditions with poor visibility. I stuck to the 163 and followed it into Dingle. Mostly uneventful but something was causing my eyes to burn and I couldn’t figure out what.
Anytime it would happen I would pull over and give my eyes time to recover. Even stopping in bus shelters. They did and I kept going.

I eventually reached Single after 2.5 hours on the road and stopped for food. Nice to briefly dry off.
I pushed through the town and picked up the 162 which would take me the rest of my route to a ferry in the south.

I figured out the eye problem. The suncream I used for the start of the trip had soaked into my helmets padding. The rain was washing it down into my face.
So I took the helmet off until I could clean the padding.

I pushed South for a while and stopped for food (Don’t judge me). Here I ran into an English couple also cycling to Gothenburg and also early. I decided to join them for a few days.

We headed South for the ferry, the day was dryer with less frequent and lighter showers. On the other side of the ferry we found a wildcamping spot near a nature park.

They had been wild camping most nights and finding shelter huts on hiking trails. So this could be a little different.

I covered 70km today and a good 40km of it in really bad conditions. Not something I want to do everyday.

Day 23: Strömstad -> Fjällbacka

There is a storm brewing.
Should keep things interesting.

The period of sun so far is expected to leave and give a few days of rain. One day should have thunder. Then back to sunshine.

Nothing crazy today, followed the main route south. No cycle paths but not too busy. I found camping in Grebbestad, just as the first heavy showers hit.
They wanted me to pay 200kr(20 euro) for a caning card to stay there. That doubles the price, I decided to keep going.

I kept going to Fjällbacka and found a campsite. Not a great one, family run site where the let the facilities go to hell.
The reception was closed, so I went and put up my tent. They owner normally does a lap in the evening.
They eventually did and I had no cash. Since it had been all card so far in Sweden.

I ended up needing to cycle into town in the evening to use an ATM. I waited for a thunderstorm to pass and headed in. Managed to stay dry on that trip, but was caught in the return. Got wet, but didn’t die.

Day 22: Lökholmen -> Strömstad

I headed North today, to pass through Hogdal. There was a route parallel to the main E route. This took me right into Strömstad. I found a tourist information office. Here I got some free WiFi and was directed to some food.
I headed south out of town, stopping at a campsite on the outskirts. This one was pretty good.

Day 19: Larkollen -> Kråkeroy

The heat continues.
Larkollen had a decent campsite. Great facilities and a low price.
The only issue was screaming kids from a nearby family. Half tempted to stick about for a rest day but further screams from that kid went through my skull and I packed up to leave.

I picked up the 119 and headed around to rest of the road, this time going back north.
Eventually this became the 116 and I was just crushing along the coast. Passing through some very minor towns that seem to mostly be used to store boats.

I headed towards Fredrikstad, the last major town in Norway that I would pass.
Navigating a city is always tricky, so I am slightly relieved. I entered it slightly and went south to the peninsula of Kråkeroy and found some camping.
This was the worst campsites of the trip. High price with terrible facilities. No showers and the bathroom smelt like it hadn’t been cleaned in a few years.
Bad enough to sign up to TripAdvisor to leave a bad review.